Straight Chaos


This blog ( was created just because I like oxymorons, paradoxes, and double meaning.

One interpretation of 'Straight Chaos' is straight-forward chaos, a quick meaning. But, the other main interpretation of 'Straight Chaos' is that it implies that this particular chaos is neat, orderly, symmetrical, and without deviation. Thus, pretty much opposite. Without a lot of extra context, you can't be sure which meaning the phrase is taking.

Here are some more of my favorite possible oxymorons:

  1. Simply Advanced: In fact, I liked this one so much that I purchased the domain name and created a company with the same name.
  2. I forget the rest because I haven't used them as much. But, there is definitely a list somewhere that I want to put online for easy referencing.
  3. My favorite username: Anonsage. Two interpretations of this can be "A non-sage" and "Anon(ymous) Sage". Both are great. Here's the story on how I picked this username/alias: I liked the sound of "Anon" when it was the default attribute to works of unknown origin. And, I just like the non-common word "sage". After exhaustive testing of different ways that I could combine different words that I like... finally, working memory put these two together.

Though, I should be posting online more with this alias. By default, when I register for new websites, I use my name as username just so that others can't have that [possibly more] important identity.