Interesting Products

Note: I'm testing Amazon affiliate links here. These are random products that I found interesting. Some I have purchased and some I haven't, which I will always make clear in the description.

Google Home Mini speaker mount accessory

I already purchased 2 Google Home Mini accessories that hold the device against the wall by an outlet with no cables showing, and I really like them. Today, I randomly saw another cool holder for the Mini device. It looks like a plant! It's currently $20.99 and I'm thinking of getting one for my girlfriend. It appears to help hide the cables too.

Google Home Mini speaker mount accessory on Amazon that looks like a flower

BIG TALK questions card game

I've had this 'card game' bookmarked for a few months now. I'm sure it will be a good purchase even if it is just between two people, like a significant other. My girlfriend and I already did something similar with the the card game version of 'Never Have I Ever'... just using the cards as prompts to talk about random things. The both of these card games are currently about $25.

Big Talk card game