Static Site Generation


As I've gotten free time, I've been researching different popular static site generators and have decided to use Jekyll because of their great documentation, support, community, and themes. Also, Jekyll has been really simple to implement and working on my server.

The current host for the site is at The backend and piping is all complete. All that's left is to update the UI to how I like (it will maintain some minimalist aspects to it).

All my new dev and random posts have been going to the new site. The entire posting process is quite simple as everything is written in Markdown, so I could easily change which technology I'm using. Once I do a 'git commit', I just need a 'git push' and allow the server webhook to automatically compile the raw content data and publish the static site.

Finally, I now have quick loading site with all the internals open to me.

Blogger unfortunately is quite bloated, but it is a good trade-off for simplicity in many cases, just not mine.

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