Random App Ideas


I randomly come up with app ideas and usually write them down in my notebook. Sometimes, I feel like sharing my many different ideas with the world so that I am forced to come up with even better ideas.

  • Screen share mobile-to-mobile
  • Permanent Clipboard
  • StumbleUpon Mobile App version
  • Facebook without Facebook app - basically, pull Fb data to a Contacts app and include messages
  • Range [distance] Finder using camera, or sound, or shadows
  • App that creates real-world-value. Perhaps, something like a mobile version of Mechanical Turk or Bitcoin Generator et cetera.
  • How-to guides for specific topics
  • Connect game controllers to phones (wire, Bluetooth, built-in stand...)
  • Fire-starter, possibly need hardware like capacitor to help generate a spark
  • Taser app, extended from above. Or just use vibrate and fake sounds.
  • Log everything app
  • 3D Where's Waldo or 3D iSpy or 3D Highlights. Instead of just finding everything on screen you must orientate the phone different ways to pan around (or just allow touch scrolling)
  • Find Ghosts game app, extended from above. To be played in an open field. Can only see ghosts when looking through phone

I know of many types of app, but I haven't heard of these ones yet. And I deleted just one idea that I decided to start working on right now. To be shown later. =b

Anybody may use these ideas for their personal apps. I would just like to hear if others are interested in these types of apps in the comments.