About Libraries


Doing a deep dive into any subject area and you'll learn quite a bit about what you don't know.

There's definitely that point in a new language to decide to reuse existing vast libraries or recreate them. There are many things like crypo and http that would need a lot of time and effort to recreate the exact same thing.

So, we're not going to recreate the exact same things. Either we'll have a better way or at least fallback to a mainstream library (probably the more typically case). This will allow Anonlang to stay current and useful in a larger variety of areas.

There are plenty more areas in development workflows that need more work than the standard libraries. So, efforts will be put to those areas instead.

There are a few different ways to possibly handle the reuse of standard libraries of other languages.

  • Direct integration
  • Provide a wrapper
  • Use a converter to change other code to Anonlang

If Anonlang was the ideal language, then it follows that developers would want to write and have the code in Anonlang. Unfortunately, no matter how great any new language is, it is still a burden to have to manually rewrite any code. It would be great to have a one-click (or zero-click!) conversion of code language.

Even though that conversion feature may be available, development work would still be going into the other languages' libraries. Conversion updates could be done at any time by any developer whenever they need it.