Developer-First Language


What does a "developer-first language" entail?

What could a developer-first language entail?

  • No boilerplate code and minimal typing.
  • Ultimate reusability of code, including seemlessly using other devs' code. No fuss integration.
  • Easiest discoverability of great open-source modular code.
  • The best tooling for the language.
    • Automatically figure out space and time complexities.
  • Abstractions on abstractions on abstractions to be more productive.
  • GUI and game environment generation as easy as thinking about it.
  • Fast.
  • Tests write (and run) themselves. And, can automatically figure out test cases.
  • One language that is great at everything (and cross-platform).
  • Anything that may be seen as a limitation in the language can be modularized and replaced dynamically. (How about conditional imports/includes/requires/uses?)
  • Easy concurrency. (How about everything off the main/UI thread by default? And, when updating UI, getting to the UI thread is automatic?)

To help out the above ideas:

  • The language should be rigid when we need it to be and malleable when we want it to be.
  • An evolving language.
  • Internet connected(?)

What are some other high-level wants/needs?